In 1972, Graham County's centennial brought the citizens of the county together in celebration as never before or since.  A big part of that celebration was the creation of the Centennial Book, which related the accounts of many people and historical events of Graham County. This is an online version of that entire publication, including pictures, and updates where known and appropriate.


Pre-County History
Cherokee History
Graham County
Town of Robbinsville
Life and Customs in Earlier Times
History of Tapoco
History of Stecoah
Tuskeegee, Sawyer's, Panther Creeks
Yellow Creek
The Fontana Story
Church Histories
Educational History
Logging in Graham County
Railroads in Graham County
Graham County During War
Rescue Squad and Fire Department
Doctors in Graham County
Lawyers in Graham County
Wildlife and Forest Resources
Clubs and Organizations
The 1972 Centennial Celebration
Centennial photos


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